Application Uriel

      Application Uriel

      Hello everyone,

      i got invited in the outfit earlier this week after having considered applying here for a week or so now.
      Brief history first, i come from miller VS (BR 100something) , i stopped playing regularly almost 2 year ago now because miller was turning very bad, filled by either zergfits, or farmer elitefits that never try to push out of controlled territory..and most medium outfits more or less died as a result.
      But now i'm back, so i decided to now main my alt from cobalt, as i find the server ambiance much more enjoyable.

      Ok I've had you waiting long enough here is the filled form :

      - Ingame name: Uriale

      - BR: 25ish

      - Main class(es) : a bit of everything, but since starting new i barely have any certs, medic was a good choice for cert gain.

      - Microphone (yes / no) : currently broken, i need to get a new one

      - Have you already been on teamspeak? : yes

      - Other info (Optional) : i am also a star citizen backer, with a few combat ships, and i can't wait to get on with you all.

      See you in planetside!