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    [PlanetSide] How to apply

    First of all. Red Impact is a Multigaming Gaming Clan, which was its Maingames, where we are going very dedicated for and not like filthy casuals. These Games are currently Planetside 2 and for the future Star Citizen is going to be a major title for us as well (We are quite positive about this game). So if you are already a Member of one of these Division, just join the game and us on TS³ and you are ready to need to read following part. If you have never played with us in one of our maingames, than read the following. ~Rush

    What you need to know about us for PS2:

    We used to be a fairly big international outfit with 1 Platoon minimum, with Planetside 2 becoming smaller over the years so have we. Never the less in the past months we are still a medium sized outfit with 2-3 Squads during our OPs and 1-2 Squads during the other Days. We have a large group of vets playing and these days higher expectations to new players and recruits then in 2014. We are still very focused on how we do on Live OPs and expect that players improve and stay competitive.
    We hold trainings on live as well as on Jaeger for Events like Server Smash, Community Smash or upcoming Internal Cobalt Smash and expect that Players join them, same for our weekly OPs. Ofc we understand that players can not always joins OPs or Trainings and we don't expect players to allways be there, but it should not be worse then 60:40, with 60 being active on taking part in what we do and 40 in missing it.

    With joining our PS2 Division you are a RiMG Community Member, the TS³ as groups playing variouse games, which you are welcome to as well, be it PubG or ArmA 3, which are currently the active games beside PS2 for some of us.

    PlanetSide 2 requirements:

    • Minimum BR25
    • KD 0.5+ positive DMG Spread (We will check on the DMG Spread, if you don't know the number. A positive DMG Spread indicates that despite having a low KD a player carries his weight and deals more DMG then the takes in.)
    • Ability to understand English
    • Competitive Mindset, you want to improve your game and don't settle with the convenience of just rolling around the Zergs.
    • Mentally Adult(ish) - There is no real age restriction to the PlanetSide 2 division, but we do not want people who are mentally 5. Trolling, derping and joking is allowed to a certain degree, but on OPs we want players to focus.
    • Activity on Teamspeak (During OPs Teamspeak is required!)
    • Commonly join the main OP Days (20:30 CEST Monday & Friday(main OPs))
    • If you use it join our discord via

    Do you meet these requirements? Then make an application on the forums (in the 'Join us' Section) or talk to us on Teamspeak (one of the leaders / officers)

    Application form:

    - Ingame name:

    - BR:

    - Main class(es)

    - Microphone (yes / no)

    - Have you already been on teamspeak?

    - Why do you want to join Red Impact and how did you come to find us?

    - Other info (Optional)

    Updated: 09.04.2018
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