PlanetSide recruitment changes

      PlanetSide recruitment changes

      From today on (27-10) until 1-12 we'll have some new recruitment changes that we're going to try out. The mayor reason for this is that we do not want new dead weight (Inactive players).

      The changes are the following:
      • To join the outfit you must first make an application on the forums or have a talk with us on Teamspeak, so we know you have registered on one of these two.
      • The in-game applications are not being used unless the specific person has applied on the forums/Teamspeak.
      • When doing recruitment when we have a public platoon, these tings need to be said, to avoid confusion when someone is rejected.
      • We now answer all the in-game applications from people who have not made a application on the forum / Teamspeak with a /tell to tell them that they have to do so.

      All the old rules are still in use!:
      • Minimum of BR 20
      • Able to understand English
      • Commonly join the main OP's (19:30 until 22:00 CEST) when you're online (of course you do not have to join every op, but make sure you are active!)
      This is not yet decided to be forever, it's only to see if it works and if we'll not loose to many people with it.

      Your friendly neighborhood Senior Officer. you can ask me anything, what's on your mind?

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