Ingame name: xDeadEnd

      BR: Around 30 (its my third account, i've played it in 2013 I think, then around 2015, but sadly dont even remember which e-mail I've used to register.)

      Main classes: Infiltrator, engineer, heavy, medic (depends on situation and my mood, but I've most experience with infiltrator tho)

      Microphone: yep

      Have you already been on teamspeak? - nope

      Why do you want to join Red Impact and how did you come to find us?

      - Im just tired playing solo, have been a while (or maybe Im still in, lol, I'm in work right now, so I don't have access to ps2) in zergrus outfit but screaming/complaining russians in russian language isn't what i've been looking for. And found you by just searching in google for some decent TR outfit on cobalt.

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      hi and welcome on the forum

      not quite sure what happened to the end of your post, but not really important anyway.

      We are running 2-3 times OPs (about 2 Squads) a week, which is Monday, Friday and Sunday.
      So just add "SoliderRusH" ingame or join our discord ( where it is announced when squads are up (but usually by 20.30 CET).

      TS³ is I highly recommend if not to say request to use Push2Talk and not Voiceactivation. It works well on our TS and has to since most of the time we hae 10-20 ppl all in one channel.

      Anway if you got time tonight just come online and yu can join our Squad(s) for a sort of trailrun.
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      Sorry for that, I've tried copy application form couple of times and I thought I've failed but surprisingly it just got invisible or something.

      It depends of how long will you be playing tonight, I will be at home around 21:00 CET and most certainly around 21:30 in game unless something urgent comes up. I hope I will catch you tonight.