Ingame name: Anet
      BR: 59
      Main class(es): Heavy, Medic
      Microphone (yes / no): AudioTechnica studio headset, so no mic.
      Have you already been on teamspeak?: Yes.
      Why do you want to join Red Impact and how did you come to find us?: Playing Planetside without being part of a community has never appealed to me too much. I was previously a part of DVS, but found the atmosphere too edgy... and honestly just unwelcoming for me. RiMG is a name I've seen around in-game quite often, so I decided to give you guys a try. I haven't played PS2 in a while, too, but the recent patches made me want to get into the game again.
      Other info (Optional)
      hi and welcome on the forum.

      Our next OP is on Friday I recommend you to just add me "SoliderRusH" ingame and around our starting time (20.30CEST) to be online and on ts³.
      Then you can do a try run with us, as well as we with you ^^

      In case you have/use discord ->
      there we are a bit more active then on the forum.
      Red Impact Founder
      Red Impact on Steam
      Red Impact in Star Citizen

      My internet is currently very poor (reliable & constant DC from the game), but I'll join the earliest that I can. I should be able to afford a better internet connection in a month or two. I hope that I can get a bit of a grace period until that :D