Application Silvertric

      Hi & welcome back to the forum.

      The ingame recruitment system is currently a bit broken (crashes the game of trying to look at applications)

      If you haven't already add "SoliderRusH" as friend ingame. This way I can see when you are on and get you into the Squad(s). We are currently raising the bar a bit regarding new recruits of our PS2 Rooster.

      So at the moment we have to keep your app on "pending".
      Reasons are that you are coming back to the game, which you are not far into (only BR40 smt) and from experience these players don't stay long and your KD of 0.27 is currently to far below our minimum of 0.5.

      But as said add me and you still have access to most Squads public and private and if your recent performance improves we can approve your app for the PS2 Rooster.
      You also still have access all our PS2 stuff here on the forum, there are multiple threads with tips etc which might be of help to you.
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