- Ingame name - Saura7

      BR:- Main class(es)- Battle Rank 25 (no main classes yet but usually play support)

      Microphone (yes / no)- Yes, good quality.

      Have you already been on teamspeak?- I've not been on Red Impact's TS, but I've used TS in general many times.

      Other info (Optional) - I would like to join this outfit because I was in your Open Platoon this evening and benefited greatly from the experience.
      I'm 26 years old, live in central Europe and love to have a good time but can be serious when necessary.
      I'm a fairly new player to the game but I enjoy teamwork and feel very satisfied by being able to contribute to a squad or platoon.

      I hope that my application is to your satisfaction, I look forward to hearing from you.
      Hi, welcome to the forum.
      I think I already accepted you ingame application as well.

      Our next Platoon Ops is on Friday, but there also will be some squad(s) probably today and tomorrow as well.
      On our TS is also always few people online if you can't find the squad on the list best to join the team through asking there.

      See you around.
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