Application from Nightfall

      Application from Nightfall

      Ingame name: M3nightfaII (the II from faII are capitol i's not and L)

      BR: atm 2 and climbing fast ( i had a vanu character (lvl 34) and a nc (lvl 24) one on different servers and came to the conclusion i did not like them.
      i had a TR lvl 42 but deleted it to go to the cobalt server) (spoke to sniperwolf that is why i deleted and restarted on the cobalt server)

      BR:10 now

      Main class(es) i love sniper and heavy but i can play medic/ engi as well. i am less skilled with a max unit and light assualt.

      Microphone (yes / no)- Yes
      (please force me to talk by talking to me else i get realy shy and don't respond [working on this issue])

      Have you already been on teamspeak?-
      by teamspeak i assume you mean the outfit ts and no i have not been on that one i have been on ts for a few other games.

      Other info (Optional)
      i am an 20 year old student from the netherlands. i might be a bit shy sometimes.

      if possible i would like some advice/guidance on how to properly cert my character, because i have certed some random things at times.

      if there are any qeustion please feel free to ask them


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