Ingame name: Ni7roN

      BR: 34

      Main class(es): Engineer, MAX & Heavy assault

      Microphone: Nope

      Have you already been on teamspeak? red impact teamspeak? if yes, not yet

      Other info (Optional) idk what to say. i'm 18 years old living in Russia and studying computer engineering and languages. I play on ps2 on free time, specially on the evening, but it's annoying to play alone, that's why i'm making this application. I hope to play with u guys :)
      hi welcome to the forum!

      We will be running OPs tonight meaning between 20.00-22.30 CEST(!) if you havent applied ingame yet i'll send you and invite once I am on.

      You can find our TS³ Infos in the menu of this website, so just join there with your Ingame name around OPs time.
      Than you can run with us :)

      No mic is alright..there are enough ppl shitchatting anyway <.<

      See you later.
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