Application: Tibledorf

      Application: Tibledorf

      - Ingame name:-

      BR:- Main class(es)-
      BR45, 200hrs+ in PS2. My main class is engineer because I like flying and riding vehicles, but I have no problem to be support eng. My second fav class is heavy assault.

      Microphone (yes / no)-

      Have you already been on teamspeak?-
      yes, of course

      Other info (Optional)!/8290828037427506145
      I am 19y.o. student from Czech Republic, I do not have "super" aim due to I do not play FPS a lot, but I am getting better. I am looking for some teamplay and teamwork, cohesive and friendly outfit. If you can offer that to me I will do my best.
      I am tired of playing alone, I was in some outfits like TTRO, D1MR, but you know, they are not very good in leading.
      I put a lot of certs in mosquito, sunderrer and lightning, from classes the most I invested in engineer.

      Thank you for reply, I am happy to see you in battlefield.
      Best regards, Tibledorf. :)