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      118 : I've been playing Medic mainly on this account, but recently started doing what I should have been doing a long time ago ; Heavy when alone on a base or when enemy vehicles are around. (I used to play medic all the time no matter what).!/8285308821910066289

      That's me, but I have other accounts. I started playing at the end of 2012 and have quit and rejoined and restarted a few times.

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      I'm not very good, not very "skilled" at aiming. I could say it's because I don't usually play FPS games, which is true, but that's not the reason. I'm just not good at it. I'm not bad at all, just not "pro".

      However, I make up for that with common sense. Something it seems a lot of people lack or at least care about in this game.

      Rather than explain, I'll give a few examples :

      I spawn at a sundy and notice it is smoking, I'll get engineer and repair it. (a lot of people just run off)

      In small battles in particular, I'll choose a good time to go look for the enemy sundy, since once it's destroyed, we win. (a lot of people just push to the A and then push beyond that to the sundy)

      I won't make a long list, I guess you get what I mean.

      Also, I know there are a lot of different playstyles in PS2; some people just want to farm, some people just want a good fight, some people are objective drive and other really want to lock the continent down (I guess that's objective driven too).

      I'm almost always objective driven and I usally try hard (I know :p) to lock the continent. You'd be surprised what one person can do to achieve that, not often, but sometimes. I get frustrated with people (even though I respect them and it is their right to do what they want), who let a base lose without caring because they have a nice spot for killing enemies, or squads/platoons/zergs who make choices that hurt or don't help the objectives (like pushing NC when VS has 18 victory points).

      I write all of this just so you know, that if you are not like me, it's fine, really no problem, but I'd rather not join.
      Hi and welcome on the forum.
      I saw someone already accepeted you ingame and I don't see a reason why not, so welcome #2.

      To your last note: I totaly can get behind that, but I have to warn you, we "only" run Ops on certain days (Friday & Monday as for now) and between that we are not play firemen for every objectiv for 2 reason: 1. We done that for years 2-4 hours everyday.
      2. We are still rebuilding, therefor going tryhard for every base/continent capture or defense is just not healthy in this state.

      On Ops tho we are very objective driven, but the goal is to do that in the most effective way and fitting to the situation, often people don't see alternative just don't know that there are other way to gain the upper hand at the end and go tryhard. In terms of Player Bases..We don't really have a clear stand on them yet, we are Outfit which focus on combat and sadly often the Player Bases are just crap to fight around, so unless there is a good moment you won't see us going for them during OPs much. Outside these times, so people can ofc feel free to blow them up or build them as they like.
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      that fine with me, in fact it's great.

      I try to win all the time, I was mostly hoping that that wouldn't be a problem for you guys.

      Imagine we had a smallish group and doing very well on one side of the map, and I noticed that we were being pushed on the other side of the map, or that a base needed support, I'd want to go immediately. If at that point you guys preferred to stay cause the farming was so good, I'd just leave group and go solo. I hope that won't be an issue?

      Sorry to make a big thing out of it, but .. I've had "experiences" hehe.

      For player bases, I don't really like them, and rarely defend them. On the other hand if TR has pushed nicely, it makes sense to make at least a small one to help win, so I do'nt like it but I do it to help, in the same way, I don't like driving sundies, but it's the vehicle I statistically have spent most time in :)
      hah awesome, then I look forward to fighting with you, I think that even though I have been playing this game a lot, I have a lot to learn.

      On Esamir, I made a player base that got destroyed and made it again 3 times, it was pretty nice fight, we even won a few times even though we had less population :)

      and in the end we locked the continent :D

      Esamir is where I spend most of my time, at first it was because I wanted the vehicle bonus, but then I just grew to like that map.

      I think that many platoons and outfits focus Eisa plant for the MBT, since it's the only one, but so many times I've seen tons of people going there to try and get it or defend it, while the rest of the map gets eaten away, kind of like the Crown in the old days :)
      As I said ingame already, Welcome!

      Yes Eisa-Tech is a favourite for the factions which is usually in my opinion not worth the work. The more central bases are usually the start point of problems for your faction. The more you own of them the more you cut the other guys off from eachother and you become the center of attention.

      I miss the old alert system which ended with continent lock because of it. Your starting point and how you behave during the alert was very important.

      I'm truly a filthy farmer! (according to Eric)

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