Sticky Red Impact - Memories | We are comingback!

      Red Impact - Memories | We are comingback!

      It's is finally here, afer having on Friday our first offical comeback OPs, I got around to finish the Video with some old footage from back in the days.
      I hope you enjoy and feel compelled to comeback to PS2 and us.
      We are recruiting again, we welcome especially veterans not matter if old members or new ones. We want to become a large force again, one which is organized and can drive a whole Map during our OPs.
      Nevertheless, new players are important, since in the past major recruitment on TR side was done by Spamfits, which mostly provid only a mediocre PS2 Experience at best, we want to get on top of that and show once more what can be and how it is done.
      You can find us via the Outfit Browser and Apply there or here on the forum.

      Incase you watch the Video here from the website and don't switch over to Youtube, here is the video describtion:
      [RiMG] Red Impact from the Cobalt (EU) Server

      Hope the wakes some old memories.
      Thanks to Bushboy, Dinamit and MadfocusedChi, which provided large part of the footage.
      Excuse me for the average quality, but that the best I could muster.
      used to have Gbs over Gbs of footage of airstrikes, gal trops and co,
      but deleted it over 6 months ago..not really expecting to be doing a
      Anyway I hope you enjoyed.

      To new and old, we are recruiting just go to to apply or find us InGame via the Outfitbrowser.

      Skylar Cahn - Overload (action theme)
      Empic Music Mix (don't have more detail on this one :/)

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