Respwaning on Auraxis

      Respwaning on Auraxis

      To make it "official" in some sort of form, here is the short announcement of starting OPs in Planetside 2 again.

      Today we done some public squads again and it went better than expected, squads stayed full and Member came online and joined the nearly 4 hours of "kill die spwan" fun which is PS2.

      Our rough plans are:
      • Starting regular Platoons again
        • weekly bases is mostlikely here
        • Public as well as Outfit-only depending on Online Count and what we want to do
      • We are recruiting again!
        • Minimum requirments are not set yet, but there certainly will be some

      Goal is to get back to a healthy size again and get the outfit capable again to impact the map on scale.
      To be reasonable here, we will not go over the top like were in the past with Daily OPs and close to 500 Members and 4-8 Squads at times, but big and good enough to impact again.

      I going to plan with Saturday as my day for PS2. 2 max 3 hours for OPs. Not sure which time is best, but 18/19 CEST seem likely.

      How to join Red Impact:

      You can join us by applying ingame or here on the forum.

      We have a TS³ (30 Slots atm, we upgrade when needed again) and always appreciated when Members are on the TS³ during OPs and not just in communications via InGame Voice.

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