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  • Helloooooooo

    After some discussions, it seems we won't get our old Teamspeak back anytime soon. So it has been decided the one we are using as our back up will be our official one. I know it's a kinda small Ts, but for the moment it's more than enough for us. So if you are looking for me or for any RiMG members it should be on this Teamspeak (password should be removed).

    Do not worry about space, we'll get a bigger one when it's needed :)


    alsooooo Happy Birthday RiMG :D It has been 3 years now, I know I'm late but hey!! Really the best gaming community I've been in, I
  • Hello Guys

    You probably heard about Moky, well we gonna open our official NC outfit on Cobalt aswell, since Moky is gonna disband. Since Moky is gonna disband, it will be called Rebel Impact and will be linked to our community directly. Open for our players wishing to play a different faction with the same people.

    It will be hosted on the same Teamspeak. Their Channels should be up tonight, same goes for a new section on this forum.

    Contact Popcorn for mor info or read this : Built apon the Community - Rebel Impact RlMG (Cobalt)

    (Better red than dead)
  • So a lot has been going on lately, and I have just as much knowledge about everything as the rest of you. But I've been asked to just keep things in check, but I do not know for how long, that depends on Rush and Wortax.

    So what will I be doing in the time that I carry the General tag:
    • I will NOT be online alot on PlanetSide, I have played it too much and I lack the skill and motivation to play it on a weekly basis
    • I will be your person to go to if there are problems with other outfits, or other members of the outfit.
    • I will be in my teamspeak channel(all the way in the bottom) as much as I can, so you can contact me with questions / suggestions
    • I will not enforce any new rules for now, Suggestions can be made, but Im not here to change a lot of stuff around
    Keep in mind that there are open positions for officers and leaders! More information can be found HERE

    Also huge shoutout to all the squad and platoonleaders in-game who keep this outfit alive :thumbsup:


    Addendum: Dutchcraft's

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